Welcome to Live Well Massage Therapy!

Hello I am Alice Wagner, RN BCTMB LMT, owner and therapist. I am a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse and a person who genuinely would like to help you to "Live Well"!

I have an innate desire to help people. I have learned, practiced and witnessed throughout my 34 years of nursing and  5+ years of massage therapy that the Art of Touch and the Science of Nursing are a unique blend for me to help you Live Well!

My massage techniques are specifically tailored to your needs. Throughout your session multiple techniques/modalities will be used depending on your stated needs and those I discover throughout your session. I have worked with all ages from infants to geriatrics, wide ranges of activity levels and those with illness. I am here to help you 'Live Well"!

Live Well Massage Therapy is blending the science of curing with the art of healing touch to relieve stress, increase joint and muscle flexibility, focus on management of problem areas, increase circulation, better manage health concerns, enhance sleep quality and teach aspects of self care.